Thursday, October 25, 2012

Well lets see here, I've been recently watching blender tutorials, writing bits and pieces of a story hidden in my brain hoping to coax more detail out by putting pencil to paper, and watching shows that I find inspire my creativity. I've also been slowly learning Wordpress so I can begin hosting a half decent portfolio site.

There are three big stories in my head and finding the inspiration to write them seems to come in spurts. Material comes from the emotions I get watching shows I like, such as walking dead and cosmos, or even dilemmas I imagine when I read the NASA newsletter I receive by email daily. Some inspiration comes by dream, which is convenient, I hope my subliminal side keeps them coming he's pretty damn imaginative. Soon I hope to share some stories. They'll need to be a bit polished before I throw them to he wind though. The important thing is I keep writing.

Blender seems nice, I've found tutorials on iTunes U that are much more in depth that i could have ever hoped for.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Down with the sickness

Ugh.... I've been dodging colds and flus for a while now and it looks like the bug has finally caught me. I'm now in prevent mode trying to avoid getting a sore nose from all the tissues or worse yet, a cold sore- nasty.

I've been exploring Blender a bit, catching some tutorials, it looks like it has been recently updated... It actually looks like a nice piece of 3d modeling software. I can't judge a book by its cover, but I find it in my best interest to learn as many 3d tools as possible. And I think Blender may be a much better alternative to Sketchup, which has worn out my interests as of late. Good luck modeling anything organic

There also seem to be a very nice community out there devoted to continually improving the software. I'll report my reactions and thoughts soon!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Spacecraft 3d

Check out this app, it's made by jpl I think. It's an app to check out the curiosity rover in 3d via augmented reality. You print off a pattern, run the app and point the camera at the pattern, presto, a 3d model is projected onto the pattern through your camera screen. You can move the camera around and explore the model at every angle, you can even rotate the pattern to move the model. Oh the possibilities. I can just see an employers facial expressions now. I'm seriously thinking about writing an app just for my own portfolio. Easier said than done. see screenshot!
Tryin out the new blogger app, on my new phone. I can't believe I survived this long without an iPhone. More liberating than anything, I no longer need to pack my laptop scouring for wifi to get access to Internet. Now the Internet is at my fingertips whenever I want. I'm also trying to meld the ways I communicate into fewer devices and software. I hope to breath more life into this blog to maintain an online presence with old friends and new acquaintances... Look forward to ramblings and such that cannot be told in a single tweet, you can find that too, in the widgets to the right. Also, I've made a poll that I would like to throw out there weekly.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Wedding Planning

Instead of creating an unpersonalized website for THE WEDDING through the machines that drive the wedding industry's cogs, I thought it would be nice to invite my guests here, to my blog so that you, the guests can see what I've been up to.  Here you'll find past class work, reflections and other curiosities that you may be delighted to see and read about. 

Wedding Day Directions

Wedding Map

If you've got a fancy phone, you can send this image to other attendees for directions!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Woah woah woah.....

Back it up, back it up.  Where has the time gone, it's already December?!  It's already been 6 months since college?!  You're fucking kidding me.   It's too bad I can't be a lifer there, I see Mister Pontuti has been some very nice additions to the Multimedia Major. 

What's new in my life you ask?  Too much.  I've already been working at Midwest Manufacturing for six months now.  It's a great first job out of the gates, but as a co-worker puts it, "it pays the bills."   Forty hours of work a week there at the office, I wish I could match that with my own personal work at home.   It's been far too easy to wind down, kick back, relax and go to bed early.  As you can see from my last post though, that time is passing by fast.   Although it's not the creative atmosphere that I wish to work in someday, this job has been good to me.  I've been working really hard and been drawing in my sketchbook everyday, something that I managed to neglect while in college.   Another  perk is I'm 3d modeling all day long, as well as working with Autocad and GIMP.   Yeah, they're not the best software programs I could be using, but it's three programs I had known very little prior to starting there. 

   The little spare time I could afford myself I've been either gaming, making my own wedding invitations, reading a few new design books I've managed to pick up, creating an announcement/invitation for my groomsmen (hint: includes a wicked wax seal),  or other portfolio material.

   I've also been nagged by something inside myself to expand on some story lines I've worked on in school, as well a few other ideas I've come across in the past year.

Wow, I'm so thankful Blogger automatically saves my posts as I'm writing them,  an atttention deprived pug has been demanding some one on one time and managed to close out the window as I was working on a post.  Better post this one while it still exists....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My fiance is crazy.

We found a neat little switch in our bedroom that will turn the lights by motion activation.  It's nice, you can sit in bed and not worry about the light turning off before you go to bed.  We've also noticed that we have to wave our hands in the air to get the light to turn on again.  Well last night, well past our bed time, the light flickers on, I look at Jackie and she has her arm in the air.  "What are you doing?" I ask.  "I'm Stretching."  So I roll back over and go to bed, as best as I can when the bedroom light is like a spotlight in your eyeballs at that time of day.  Hours later, I roll over and see her reaching for the ceiling again.   "Stop that!" I nagged, hoping she wouldn't trip the light off again.  She didn't, and I adjusted myself slowly as to not trip the light myself.  Later the next day, I asked her what the deal was and she said she had the craziest dream about robbing stores, specifically McDonalds.  She said she was in the middle of a beat down on her accomplice.  I think she was trying to get away with the loot.   Good thing I don't make a whole lot of money.