Thursday, October 25, 2012

Well lets see here, I've been recently watching blender tutorials, writing bits and pieces of a story hidden in my brain hoping to coax more detail out by putting pencil to paper, and watching shows that I find inspire my creativity. I've also been slowly learning Wordpress so I can begin hosting a half decent portfolio site.

There are three big stories in my head and finding the inspiration to write them seems to come in spurts. Material comes from the emotions I get watching shows I like, such as walking dead and cosmos, or even dilemmas I imagine when I read the NASA newsletter I receive by email daily. Some inspiration comes by dream, which is convenient, I hope my subliminal side keeps them coming he's pretty damn imaginative. Soon I hope to share some stories. They'll need to be a bit polished before I throw them to he wind though. The important thing is I keep writing.

Blender seems nice, I've found tutorials on iTunes U that are much more in depth that i could have ever hoped for.

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